Service Standards

November 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Recent Projects

Open Space is an important community asset with intrinsic values and social, economic and environmental benefit to humans.  The introduction of Open Space Service Standards is an important step in managing open space and ensuring its benefit to the community. 

Service Standards are developed to ensure that Council managed public open space is well-managed and to promote good customer service.  Service standards contribute to the important task of understanding, monitoring and reviewing performance.  They support good customer service by contributing to reliable and consistent outcomes.  They assist staff by clearly defining the required standard of service to be achieved.  Importantly, defining, implementing and monitoring service standards enables prioritisation of budget and other resources.

Service Standards are designed for use by Parks and Gardens management and staff for planning and operational purposes.  They are also an important tool for communication with Councillors and community.  They are developed to define, monitor and review the management of public open space.  They provide a quality standard for a range of routine tasks involved in open space management.  Fundamentally, they clearly define required outcomes for staff, define the level of service for customers and provide a set measure for monitoring performance. Service Standards are designed to ensure that important open space assets are well managed and meet customer needs.